Juicing Helps You Flatten Your Stomach?

What does “juicing” mean? I purchased a machine that allows me to place raw vegetables in and it shoots out JUICE – almost like magic. I did some research online and selected a highly rated juicer that was in my budget. I spent $175 and please know that there are many great juicers for 100 bucks.

Ok sure – sitting on the sofa with your bag of chips and drinking gallons of fresh juice will do you no good. I’m under the assumption you are trying to maintain a healthy balance in your life with nutrition and exercise – and that you really want a few extra tips to motivate you – or give you that edge.

Most people have compromised intestines as a result of poor food choices over a long period of time. This limits our bodies’ ability to absorb all the nutrients from our food. When you consume raw, unpasteurized juice you can help your body to be more productive with the absorption process and you get all that great fiber and nutrition.

Once you have a routine down you will notice the many benefits of juicing including how it help your digestive system along – and for those that are trying – yes it will help keep your gut flatter as it aids your body with digestion and rids your intestines of built up toxins.

I’ve been juicing for over a year now and notice that when I go a week without it – my body misses it.

My goal is to consume at least 12oz a day of fresh vegetable juice and 4oz of fresh fruit juice. It’s fun to mix and match different veggie’s and fruits until you find the combination that is right for you. Personally I love carrot and spinach with a touch of orange to keep the flavor tolerable.

It takes some planning and fresh juice should be consumed within 24 hours from the time you juice it. There is a great deal of information online to support you from machine selection to recipes and even how to keep your juicer clean. Individuals with diabetes should be aware that FRUIT juice will raise your insulin levels. Stick with the veggies if this is a concern for you.

Now go get a juicer and start juicing TODAY!

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